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Video Poker is the Best Online Casino Game!

Many people have said that Video Poker is the best Online Casino Game because no other players are involved and you can really get into a world of your own when playing the game. As with Blackjack and 5 Card Draw Poker, Video Poker is also a strategic card game. It is also one of the very few Casino Games where you can beat the casino and gain an edge over the house by playing your cards right.

Before you visiting online casinos to play games, make sure you check the casino is both reputable and above board. This will ensure your time spent playing casino games online is nothing short of brilliant.

Virtual Casinos offer the most incredible Online Casino Games that will capture your imagination right from the start. The visuals are stunning with bold colouring and interesting themes that are all unique from the next. In the same way Video Poker also comes in many different shapes and colours with traditional looking games to modern themes to spice things up a bit. All of the games are based on the same premise which is to achieve a winning hand from the 5 cards that you are dealt at the start of the game. This is achieved by knowing what cards to "hold" and which ones to "discard".

The card values in Video Poker, as well as the Hand Rankings are pretty much exactly the same as with traditional Table Poker. The main difference between the two though is that traditional Poker is played at a Poker Table with multiple seating positions where other players play against you. Video Poker is solely between you and the casino, offering a more intense experience. Both games require the same end result though for you to win the round!

RTG Casino games are among the most popular found online and include all the old favourites such as slots, the various table games and even a few of the more obscure games like Keno and Sic Bo.

It is good to know that unlike most Online Casino Games that are only based on luck Video Poker can definitely deliver a positive result based on how you play. There are many different strategies that one can apply to your game and you should also make sure that you are completely familiar with the game rules. Read a comprehensive Online Video Poker strategy guide and learn the rules so that you will know how to respond in every situation.